A Society & Culture Podcast

The Ebony Mashup will redefine representations of Black Love, Culture, Family and Community. It is an eclectic fusion of casual and thought provoking conversations, designed to spread love, educate, empower, uplift, unite and maybe even make you laugh!

Life has a funny way of presenting situations both positive and negative, that shape the person you become. Our mashup of life experiences is how we are able to come up with curated content every week that is relatable, timely, and engaging.

All too often we as people forget to embrace and learn from the negative, just as much as embrace and learn from the positive. We are blessed to be living a life that allows us to see our ups and downs as a unique blueprint designed to get us closer to being our most authentic selves 24/7. We have experienced more in over 15 years together than most people have in a lifetime and we look forward to sharing some of our life with y’all . It’s an honor and a privilage for us to have YOU as a part of our journey!!!

Peace, Love & Blessings,

Mike & LaShaunda